Tactical Laser Tag

Live combat gaming! Tactical Laser Tag get's you off the couch and allows you to step into the game. Housed in our new urban-style arena, players must work together to complete the missions given to them before time is up. Missions include Capture the Flag, Heist, Gold Rush, and 5-Flag Domination. Tactical Laser Tag's mission-based objectives make this activity great for team building and improving communication within groups and organizations. 

Four ways to play:

  • During regular hours, one (1) Tactical Laser Tag pass is included with each Fun Pass. See Fun Pass pricing for current prices. Additional games are half price with the purchase of a Fun Pass. 
  • During regular hours, non Fun Pass holders may purchase individual games for $6 per game plus tax.
  • Arena rental available before and after regular hours. Perfect for groups that want to have the arena to themselves. Click on the link below for pricing.
  • For the ultimate Tactical Laser Tag experience, rent out our ENTIRE facility after-hours and play throughout our WHOLE building; that's 40,000 sq. ft. of Tactical Laser Tag! Longer games, more strategy, more exercise, more intense! Click on the group link below for pricing.

Archery Tag® - "It's a hit!"

The coolest family-friendly combat sport that combines dodge ball and archery. Generally for ages 10 years and older, Archery Tag® allows players to "tag" their opponents using our patented foam-tipped arrows. Players are split into two teams and are restricted to their team's side of the field. Players must work to knock out all of the targets before time is up while targeting their opponents as well. No previous archery experience needed. Practice your sharpshooter skills before on S.A.F.E. (Students and Families Experiencing) Archery located in the Midway. Valley Worlds of Fun offers West Virginia's only indoor Archery Tag® arena.

Three ways to play:

  • During regular hours, Archery Tag® is included in the Fun Pass. See Fun Pass pricing for current prices.
  • During regular hours, individual games may be purchased for $6 per game plus tax.
  • Rent out the Archery Tag® arena before and after regular hours for your group's exclusive use. Click on the link below for pricing.

*Prices subject to change*